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Info:Eodiaphyodus granulosus

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Eodiaphyodus granulosus • Mouth Crusher Plate

Educational Quality Fossil • Eocene Period from Morocco


Collecting Location: 

These specimens come from an area in Morocco famous for its fossil-rich phosphate beds.  It is located in the Oulad-Abdoun Basin surrounded by the Atlas Mountains, near the town of Khouribhga (pronounced who • reeb • guh).  Many fossils come from the phosphate layers this area, including mosasaurs, elasmosaurs, plesiosaurs, crocodiles and several species of carnivorous fish, including the Enchodus libyus.

 Eodiaphyodus described by Sauvage C.1875. Found only in Morocco at that time. Later described by Arambourg C.1952.


Eodiaphyodus is a genus of an extinct Elopiformes fish that is classified in the suborder Albuloidea. Other members include Paralbula, Phyllodus, Pseudoegertonia and Egertonia. It is related to the modern day Tarpon and Bonefish. This fish lived in what is now Morocco during the Late Cretaceous Period. 

Age: Cretaceous period, Maastrichtian 72 to 66 million years ago.
Location: Khouribga Phosphate, Nr Khouribga, Morocco

Kingdom: Animalia 

Phylum: Chordata 



Suborder: Albuloidea


Species: granulosa