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Gainesville Creeks Fauna Fossils



Most sites are in the northwestern region of Gainesville, Alachua County, Florida, in a region bound by NW 13th Street on the east, by NW 43rd Street on the west, by NW 8th Avenue on the south, and by NW 53rd Avenue on the north. Hogtown, Gainesville High School, Possum, and Rattlesnake creeks have produced the majority of known specimens. However a few sites are located outside this region, including creeks on the University of Florida campus and Little Hatchet Creek in northeast Gainesville.


  • Late Miocene Epoch; early Hemphillian.
  • About 8 to 9 million years old 
  • Small creeks in the Gainesville area flow through and erode away sediments of a mix of ages, including early Miocene, late Miocene, and Pleistocene. Most fossils are recovered from modern stream deposits, especially after heavy rains. The bones of modern animals, including raccoon, possum, and domestic cat, as well as discarded items from human meals (chicken bones, BBQ ribs, etc.) are also present, but can usually be distinguished from the true fossils by their unmineralized condition. Fossils of late Miocene age are the most common, especially shark teeth and partial ribs of the extinct dugong Metaxytherium. Such fossils have been found at least 25 different localities in the Gainesville region. 

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