Stratodus apicalis

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Stratodus apicalis Cope 1872

(ray-finned fish)

Maastrichtian // Oued Zem, Khourigba, MOROCCO.


 Matrix 16 x 9.5 cm Kaakdeeltje 10.8 cm 

betreffend kaakje is vrij zeldzaam en word zelden aangeboden ..

This fish was a fish of considerable size and could be 5 meters long.

Stratodus had an unusual appearance: the body was thin, tall and slender, and with a kind of armor that is very similar to that of the current sturgeon.

The head, with a long pointed snout, was the most characteristic part of the animal, mainly by bite: Stratodus was in fact endowed with numerous sharp and thin teeth, with a peculiar structure.


Stratodus had a slim predator that can easily move in the open sea of the late Cretaceous. The numerous long front teeth were probably used to small prey, such as fish or molluscs, to impale or capture. The long and anguilliforme Stratodus a fairly quick and agile body suggests that fish was.

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