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Megalodon teeth 9 piece,s

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Offered from my private collection: These very rare Megalodons teeth. (9 piece,s) Find location: Indonesia, Java Bengawan Solo river.These teeth are worthy of a museum. Intended as a study object for the real collector.

worldwide.1) length  12 cm  widht 10.5 cm2) length  11 cm  widht 9.4   cm3) length  8.1 cm  widht 6.9   cm4) length  7.3 cm  widht 6.3   cm5) length  7.0 cm  widht 5.8   cm6) length  6.9 cm  widht 5.8   cm7) length  6.8 cm  widht 6.3   cm 8) length  6.1 cm  widht 5.1   cm9) length  4.5 cm  widht 3.7   cm

The bottoms of the roots have been eroded away during the fossilization process.
The teeth are from the fourth or fift row back in jaw,and the roots have not fully formed.
The missing portion of the root was also  eroded away by the river current during the  fossilization process.
 These teeth are made by the expert in shark teeth. Dr. Gordon Hubbell from Gainsville, Florida and checked for authenticity.
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